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Intersil (Renesas Electronics America) - Effective January 1, 2018, Renesas and Intersil will operate as one unified enterprise, bringing about a significant expansion to the intrinsic capabilities of semiconductors. This combination unites the widely acclaimed Renesas MCU and SoC technologies with Intersil’s market-leading expertise in high performance power management and precision analog devices. In turn, this brings organic growth in the automotive, industrial and broad-based sectors, allowing the new enterprise to respond with greater speed to customers’ systems needs. The union of Renesas with Intersil began with the completion of the acquisition on February 24, 2017, and the unified “One Global Renesas” went into operation across all markets the following July—bringing together the strengths of both organizations in anticipation of customer requirements in a rapidly changing market environment. This truly global organization offers a vast synergistic effect. Join Renesas as it strengthens its leading position in the global semiconductor market.. View Renesas Electronics product information
Intersil (Renesas Electronics America) Producten
Geïntegreerde schakelingen (IC's)
PMIC - Spanningsregelaars - Lineair
PMIC - Supervisors
Lineair - Versterkers - Instrumentatie, OP-verster
Clock / Timing - Programmeerbare timers en oscilla
PMIC - Spanningsregelaars - DC DC-schakelregelaars
Interface - stuurprogramma's, ontvangers, zendontv
Data-acquisitie - Analoog naar digitaal converters
Klok / Timing - klokgeneratoren, PLL's, frequentie
Data-acquisitie - Digitaal naar analoog converters
PMIC - Spanningsregelaars - DC DC-schakelregelaars
Interface - analoge schakelaars, multiplexers, dem
PMIC - Spanningsreferentie
Klok / Timing - Toepassingsspecifiek
Ingebedde - microprocessors
PMIC - Stroomdistributieschakelaars, laadstuurprog
Logica - Signaalschakelaars, multiplexers, decoder
PMIC - Gate Drivers
PMIC - LED-stuurprogramma's
Data-acquisitie - Digitale potentiometers
PMIC - Power Management - Gespecialiseerd
Interface - gespecialiseerd
PMIC - Spanningsregelaars - Speciaal doel
Lineair - vergelijkers
Lineair - Versterkers - Audio
PMIC - AC DC-converters, offline switchers
PMIC - Batterijbeheer
Interface - Telecom
PMIC - Batterijladers
Data-acquisitie - ADC's / DAC's - Speciaal doel
Interface - Controllers
Logica - vertalers, niveauverschuivers
Lineair - Videoverwerking
PMIC - Hot Swap-controllers
Klok / Timing - Real-time klokken
Interface - Analoge schakelaars - Speciaal doel
Gespecialiseerde IC's
Lineair - Versterkers - Videoversterkers en module
PMIC - Voedingsregelaars, monitoren
Logica - Specialty Logic
PMIC - Spanningsregelaars - Lineair + schakelen
PMIC - Display Drivers
Interface - signaalbuffers, repeaters, splitters
Interface - UARTs (Universal Asynchronous Receiver
Audio Speciaal Doel
Interface - Serializers, deserializers
Interface - I / O-uitbreidingen
PMIC - Full, Half Bridge-stuurprogramma's
Interface - Sensor- en detectorinterfaces
PMIC - PFC (Power Factor Correction)
Interface - Filters - Actief
Data-acquisitie - Analog Front End (AFE)
PMIC - OF-controllers, ideale diodes
Interface - Encoders, decoders, converters
PMIC - Laserstuurprogramma's
Interface - signaalterminators
Lineair - Analoge multipliers, Dividers
Interface - Modules
Interface - Directe digitale synthese (DDS)
Pluggable kabels
Voedingen - Op paneel
DC DC-converters
Discrete halfgeleiderproducten
Transistors - FET's, MOSFET's - Single
Transistoren - FET's, MOSFET's - Arrays
Transistoren - Bipolair (BJT) - RF
Transistoren - Bipolair (BJT) - Arrays
Sensoren, transducers
Temperatuursensoren - analoge en digitale uitvoer
Optische sensoren - fotodiodes
Gespecialiseerde sensoren
Optische sensoren - Omgevingslicht, IR, UV-sensore
RF-evaluatie- en ontwikkelingskits, boards
RF Misc IC's en modules
RF Power Controller IC's
Ontwerpborden, kits, programmeurs
Evaluatie en demonstratieborden en -kits
Evaluatieborden - DC / DC & amp;
Beoordelingscommissies - Embedded - MCU, DSP
Evaluatieborden - Sensoren
Evaluatieborden - Analoog naar digitaal converters
Evaluatieborden - LED-stuurprogramma's
Evaluatieborden - opamps
Evaluatieborden - Lineaire spanningsregelaars
Evaluatieborden - Digitaal naar analoog converters