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JAE Electronics, Inc. - JAE Electronics is a top 10 global interconnect supplier and a recognized technology leader in fine pitch board to board, board to cable (including LVDS products), FPC (board-to-flex), memory card, input/output, circular, automotive/transportation and waterproof rated connectors. View the Product Selection Guide for more information regarding these focused product areas.
JAE Electronics, Inc. Producten
Connectors, verbindingen
Rechthoekige connectoren - Headers, mannelijke pin
Circulaire connectoren
Rechthoekige connectoren - Headers, Receptacles, F
Kaartrandconnectoren - Randbordconnectoren
Circulaire connectoren - behuizingen
Rechthoekige connectoren - Arrays, Edge Type, Mezz
Backplane Connectors - Specialized
Rechthoekige connectoren - behuizingen
Rechthoekige connectoren - gratis hangend, paneelm
Coaxiale connectoren (RF)
FFC, FPC (plat flexibel) connectoren
Circulaire connectoren - Backshells en kabelklemme
Circulaire connectoren - Accessoires
Rechthoekige connectoren - contacten
Rechthoekige connectoren - Accessoires
Backplane Connectors - Hard Metric, Standard
Pluggable connectoren
D-vormige connectoren - Centronics
D-Sub, D-vormige connectoren - behuizingen
D-Sub, D-vormige connectoren - backshells, hoods
Heavy Duty connectoren - inzetstukken, modules
Blade Type Power Connectors
Geheugenconnectoren - PC Card-aansluitingen
USB-, DVI-, HDMI-connectoren
Circulaire connectoren - contacten
Glasvezelconnectoren - Adapters
Contacten - Multi Purpose
Backplane Connectors - Accessoires
D-Sub, D-vormige connectoren - Accessoires
Geheugenconnectoren - Inline-modulenockets
Backplane Connectors - Behuizingen
D-Sub, D-vormige connectoren - contacten
Rechthoekige connectoren - Board-in, directe draad
Backplane Connectors - Contacts
Coaxiale connectoren (RF) - Accessoires
Vaste verlichting connectoren
D-Sub, D-vormige connectoren - Accessoires - Schro
Terminals - Gespecialiseerde connectoren
Shunts, Jumpers
Insteekbare connectoren - Accessoires
Glasvezelconnectoren - Accessoires
Coaxiale connectoren (RF) - contacten
Geheugenconnectoren - Accessoires
Kaartrandconnectoren - Accessoires
USB-, DVI-, HDMI-connectoren - Accessoires
Vaste verlichting connectoren - contacten
FFC, FPC (plat flexibel) connectoren - accessoires
Rechthoekige kabelassemblages
Coaxiale kabels (RF)
Platte Flex-kabels (FFC, FPC)
Videokabels (DVI, HDMI)
D-vormige, Centronics-kabels
Crimpers, applicators, persen - accessoires
Crimpers, applicators, persen
Invoeging, extractie
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